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16 de jan. de 2014

CIRCLE PIT \\ ARCHITECTS: Video For New Song 'Naysayer' Released

British metallers ARCHITECTS will release their new album, "Lost Forever // Lost Together", in North America on March 11 via Epitaph Records. The CD will be made available in in Australia through UNFD and in Canada via New Damage Records.

After writing demos on their successful run on Vans Warped Tour 2013, ARCHITECTS (whose lineup includes chief songwriter Tom Searle on guitar/keyboards, his twin brother Dan on drums, Sam Carter on lead vocals, and Alex Dean on bass) took to Studio Fredman in the Swedish city of Gothenburg in the middle of the sunlight-starved winter. Working with producers Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd (both known for their work with BRING ME THE HORIZON and chosen largely because "we've always been big fans of how massive their records sound," according to Sam), ARCHITECTS spent a month living in the studio so that they could record whenever inspiration hit.

On "Lost Forever // Lost Together", the band artfully weaves in ambient elements that sometimes verge on gauzy and dreamlike. Take the instrumental "Red Hypergiant" that threads a sample of voiceover from a Carl Sagan film through an oceanic wall of sound, for example, while the album-closing "Distant Blue" starts out as a snarling, lead-heavy epic and then unfolds into spacey ethereality. Fans will notice the band deepen their blend of brutal, thundering metal and melody-spiked hardcore with heavier riffs and intricate arrangements inspired by THIS WILL DESTROY YOU, and even artists unlikely such as SIGUR ROS. With lyrical content delving into everything from the Fukushima nuclear disaster to Tom's recent bout with skin cancer, "Lost Forever // Lost Together" artfully delivers an emotional charge that's both devastating and glorious.

As for the album title, ARCHITECTS borrowed a lyric from the track "Youth Is Wasted OnTthe Young". As Tom Searle poignantly states, "We're all lost. Everyone's just trying to find their place, and hopefully we'll all get there eventually."

"Lost Forever // Lost Together" track listing:

01. Gravedigger
02. Naysayer
03. Broken Cross
04. The Devil Is Near
05. Dead Man Talking
06. Red Hypergiant
07. C.A.N.C.E.R.
08. Colony Collapse
09. Castles In The Air
10. Youth Is Wasted On The Young
11. The Distant Blue

The official video for the song "Naysayer" can be seen below.

ARCHITECTS' last album, "Daybreaker", was released on May 28, 2012 in Europe and June 5, 2012 in North America via Century Media Records.

ARCHITECTS in 2012 released the "The Here And Now 2012 Special Edition" including "Devil's Island" and "Untitled" as well as all video clips ("Day In Day Out", "Learn To Live", "Heartburn", "Delete, Rewind" and "An Open Letter To Myself"), making-of footage for "Learn To Live" and "Heartburn" plus several previously released online clips.

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