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"Satan laughs as you eternally rot!"

31 de mar. de 2014

Premiere\\ SEBASTIAN BACH: 'Temptation' Video Released

Former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach will releae new solo album, "Give 'Em Hell", on April 22 via Frontiers Records. The follow-up to 2011's "Kicking & Screaming" was once again produced by Bob Marlette, who has previously worked with ROB ZOMBIE, BLACK SABBATH and SHINEDOWN, among others.

The video for the CD's first single, "Temptation", can be seen below. The clip was directed by Patrick Fogarty, who has previously worked with BLACK VEIL BRIDES, PICTURE ME BROKEN and THE BURNING OF ROME.

Of the new album, Sebastian Bach enthused: "I could not be more proud of the new CD, 'Give 'Em Hell'. As a rock music fan myself, I listen to it every single day. As a musician, I honestly feel like I have reached a new level of album recording. As an audiophile, I could not be more blown away by the sound! The production and mastering sound so good that it's perfect to show off your high-end stereo system.

"Ever since my first record, 'Skid Row', on through 'Slave To The Grind' up to 'Kicking & Screaming' and 'Angel Down', I have always been concerned, first and foremost, with making quality records for my fans. And I can honestly say that 'Give 'Em Hell' meets or even exceeds the standards set by some of the records I have put out in the past.

"I can't wait for you all to hear this record! Let's 'Give 'Em Hell' in 2014, mothertruckers!"

Fans who pre-order from iTunes will be able to get the first taste of new music as the pre-order includes an instant download of the song "Hell Inside My Head", a classic loud and heavy rocker from Bach.

"Give 'Em Hell" was mastered at Precision Mastering in Los Angeles with Tom Baker.

Sebastian managed to involve in the writing and recording some very special friends and guest stars, including none other than Duff McKagan (VELVET REVOLVER, GUNS N' ROSES), and not one but two top-class guitar players: John 5 (MARILYN MANSON, ROB ZOMBIE) and Steve Stevens (BILLY IDOL). Rounding out the lineup on the CD are Devin Bronson (AVRIL LAVIGNE, PINK) on guitar and Bobby Jarzombek (HALFORD, RIOT, FATES WARNING) on drums. Duff and Sebastian previously collaborated on Duff's solo album "Believe In Me".

The cover for "Give 'Em Hell" (see below) was once again handled by Richard Villa, who worked on "Kicking & Screaming". Incorporated into the album design is one of the paintings by Sebastian's late father David Bierk, who painted the artwork for SKID ROW's "Slave To The Grind", inside artwork for SKID ROW's "Subhuman Race", and Bach's solo albums "Angel Down" and "Bring 'Em Bach Alive!".

"Give 'Em Hell" track listing:

01. Hell Inside My Head
02. Harmony
03. All My Friends Are Dead
04. Temptation
05. Push Away
06. Dominator
07. Had Enough
08. Gun To A Knife Fight
09. Rock N Roll Is A Vicious Game
10. Taking Back Tomorrow
11. Disengaged
12. Forget You

Bach previously stated about "Give 'Em Hell": "We have captured some kick-ass rock and roll magic and producer par excellence Bob Marlette is the wizard behind the board.

"It is such an awesome feeling to be able to say to the planet if you like the music I have put out before, I can guarantee you will dig this one! I cannot stop listening to it and that is the whole intention.

"For those of you who dig my high crazy-ass screams of the other records, well, I am proud to say this new disc features all the ranges and textures I have been known for, clean soaring melodic ballads and blood-curdling death screams from hell."

Premiere\\ BLACK LABEL SOCIETY: 'My Dying Time' Video Released

"My Dying Time", the new video from BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, can be seen below. The clip was directed by Justin Reich of the Antimatter studio.

Says BLACK LABEL SOCITY mainman Zakk Wylde: "The video that father Justin created, my treatment was of me waking up in the morning and going to the grocery store and this is the video he made."

"My Dying Time" is the first single from the new BLACK LABEL SOCIETY studio album, "Catacombs Of The Black Vatican", which will be released in Europe on April 7 via Mascot Label Group and one day later in North America through eOne Music.

"Catacombs Of The Black Vatican" track listing:

01. Fields Of Unforgiveness
02. My Dying Time
03. Believe
04. Angel Of Mercy
05. Heart Of Darkness
06. Beyond The Down
07. Scars
08. Damn The Flood
09. I've Gone Away
10. Empty Promises
11. Shades Of Gray
12. Dark Side Of The Sun (bonus track)
13. The Nomad (bonus track)

The official listening party for "Catacombs Of The Black Vatican" will be held on Saturday, April 5 at 10:00 p.m. at Duff's Brooklyn in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The address is:

Duff's Brooklyn 168 Marcy Avenue (between S 5th & Broadway) Williamsburg, New York

For more information, visit www.duffsbrooklyn.com.

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY recently amicably parted ways with longtime guitarist Nick Catanese and replaced him with Dario Lorina (LIZZY BORDEN).

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY mainman Zakk Wylde recently told Guitar World magazine about Catanese's departure: "I had called Nick to tell him about the album and he told me that he was already knees deep into doing his own thing and wanted to stick 1,000 percent into it. I told him it was cool and that we loved him and that he'd always have a home here."

He continued: "The thing is no one ever gets kicked out or fired. If you want to go, you're always able. Now we've got [guitarist] Dario Lorina in the band, and not only is he a kick-ass guitar player who can shred, but he's also a really cool dude."

Asked how he hooked up with Dario, Zakk said: "We never do a cattle call or anything like that. With the amount of awesome players I know, it's more of a word-of-mouth kind of thing. I had him come out to the Vatican [Zakk's home studio] to meet him, and afterwards I said, 'Cool. If you want to do it, you're in.' It was as simple as that."

Wylde also spoke about what fans can expect to hear on "Catacombs Of The Black Vatican".

"I think everyone can expect a lot of fun and excitement," he laughed. "It was like what Chris Farley did in that one skit, where he was selling that hair-care product. Make sure you always use the word 'fun' when you describe it. [laughs]!

"Someone asked me what the difference was between this new record and the other nine. I told them that it's basically all of the songs we used on the other nine records, except they've got different titles now. [laughs] It's fun and exciting for the whole family!"

"Catacombs of the Black Vatican" is BLACK LABEL SOCIETY's first new studio album since 2009's "The Order Of The Black", which debuted at No. 4 on The Billboard 200 chart.

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY's new live DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital Video, "Unblackened", was released on September 24, 2013 by Eagle Rock Entertainment. Wylde's label home, eOne Music, also released the audio version of the "Unblackened" DVD under the same name.

26 de mar. de 2014

Premiere\\ WINGER: 'Midnight Driver Of A Love Machine' Video Released

"Midnight Driver Of A Love Machine", the new video from WINGER, can be seen below. The clip portrays the band on a live stage performing the opening track of their forthcoming album, "Better Days Comin'", to be released on April 18 in Europe and April 22 in North America via Frontiers Records. Fans who preorder the album now from iTunes will receive instant downloads of "Rat Race" (the first single) and the album's title track. The effort is available for pre-order on Amazon.com in a standard and deluxe configuration. The deluxe edition comes in a glossy digipak and includes the bonus track "Another Beautiful Day" and a DVD including a "Making Of The Album" documentary as well as videos for the first single "Rat Race" and title track, "Better Days Comin'".

WINGER has always been known for its incredible musicianship and the trend continues on "Better Days Comin'".

"On 'Better Days Comin'', we drew from our past to elaborate on our future," explains Kip Winger.

"The band is stronger than ever and very excited about the music on this record. We feel this album exemplifies the true sound of the band in every way."

From the opening riff of album opener "Midnight Driver Of A Love Machine" to the final outro lick of "Out Of This World", it is clear WINGER is back and better than ever. Hard-rocking songs like "Queen Babylon", progressive-rock movements like "Tin Soldier", and touching ballads like "Ever Wonder" show the band's diversity while always centering on great songs.

The debut single from "Better Days Comin'" is the adrenaline-fueled rocker "Rat Race" that showcases some of the band's best work of its 25-year career.

"Better Days Comin'" track listing:

01. Midnight Driver Of A Love Machine
02. Queen Babylon
03. Rat Race
04. Better Days Comin'
05. Tin Soldier
06. Ever Wonder
07. So Long China
08. Storm In Me
09. Be Who You Are, Now
10. Another Beautiful Day (deluxe edition bonus track)
11. Out Of This World

WINGER formed in the late 1980s and soared to immediate success with its 1988 self-titled release. The album spawned the hit singles "Seventeen" and "Headed For A Heartbreak" and achieved platinum sales status. "Winger" also stayed on The Billboard 200 chart for over 60 weeks where it peaked at #21. Their next album, "In The Heart Of The Young", also achieved platinum status behind the singles "Can't Get Enuff" and "Miles Away". The change in musical climate of the mid-'90s, compounded with unprovoked ridicule on MTV's popular "Beavis And Butt-Head" show, led the band to go on hiatus in 1994. In 2001, WINGER reunited and has not looked back since.

Premiere\\ GREAT WHITE: 'Complicated' Video Released

GREAT WHITE's new music video, "Complicated", can be seen below. The latest single from the band's "Elation" album is overflowing with rockin' guitar riffs, tight percussion, tickling keys, fresh vocal swagger and an infectious chorus. The boogie-blues track is signature GREAT WHITE through and through, soon to become a fan favorite.

The accompanying music video is a far cry from classic GREAT WHITE videos from back in the day. The band enlisted help from Mark Teague of Dream Haven Studios to create a multi-media narrative: a first for the band.

"We really had a good time making the video and we hope the fans dig it. They will feel the positive energy coming from the song and video," the band said.

Working alongside a green screen and even utilizing acting prowess, GREAT WHITE captures an emotional triumph. The energy and peace is palpable.

GREAT WHITE is founder and lead guitarist Mark Kendall, Michael Lardie (keyboards, guitar), Audie Desbrow (drums), Scott Snyder (bass) and lead singer Terry Ilous.

"Elation" sold around 1,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release. Issued on May 22, 2012 via Frontiers Records, the 12-song CD marks GREAT WHITE's first effort with Ilous following the band's split with founding singer Jack Russell.

This version of GREAT WHITE is not to be confused with GREAT WHITE FEATURING JACK RUSSELL (formerly JACK RUSSELL'S GREAT WHITE), which features Russell alongside Robby Lochner (FIGHT) on guitar, Chris Tristram on bass, Tony Montana on guitar and Dicki Fliszar on drums.

GREAT WHITE released a live album, "30 Years - Live From The Sunset Strip", on February 22, 2013 in Europe and February 26, 2013 in North America via Frontiers Records.

To mark its 30th anniversary live on March 22, 2012, GREAT WHITE celebrated the only logical way — on stage. In a nod to its early days, GREAT WHITE returned to the infamous Sunset Strip, where a storied past of music's biggest fans are fused into the walls of the Key Club. GREAT WHITE delivered its entire repertoire to a packed house, pining for the band's raw energy and cheering its illustrious history track after track.

24 de mar. de 2014

Luto\\ Gwar: morre o vocalista Oderus Urungus aos 50 anos

De acordo com o Style Weekly, Dave Brockie, mais conhecido como Oderus Urungus, o fundador e vocalista da conhecida banda GWAR morreu. Companheiros de quarto acharam o corpo de Brockie na manhã de domingo (23 de março). “Eu queria que fosse piada”. Disse o ex-baixista do GWAR, Chris Bopst. “Todos estão em choque.” Brockie tinha 50 anos.

“Dave era um dos cara mais engraçados, espertos, mais criativos e energéticos que eu jamais conheci.” Disse o ex-baixista Mike Bishop ao Style Weekly. “Ele era impertinente às vezes, sempre irreverente, grosseiro, ele era hilário em todas as formas. Mas ele também era altamente inteligente e interessado na vida, política e arte. Sua inclinação por esse escatológico humor trazia também uma clara inteligência. Ele era um compositor muito subestimando e um vocalista de hard rock, um dos melhores de todos os tempos! Um grande frontman, um grande pintor, escritor. Ele era também o ótimo baixista. Eu o amava. Ele era capaz de grande empatia e de um real senso de justiça.”

O vocalista Randy Blythe da banda LAMB OF GOD, que fez turnês com o GWAR em 2009, escreveu no Instagram: “Recebi uma ligação muito triste do meu amigo Chris Bopst, que era um dos membros originais do GWAR. Meu amigo Dave Brockie, Também conhecido como Oderus Urungus, vocalista do GWAR, deixou o prédio e foi para seu planeta natal. Ele tinha 50 anos.”

“Eu ainda não sei detalhes de como ele morreu, só que faleceu em sua casa e seus amigos o encontraram.”

“Quando alguém morre, muitas das vezes as pessoas falam: ‘Ah, ele era um cara único, realmente ímpar, verdadeiramente original.’ A maioria dessas pessoas não tem ideia do que estão falando, eles obviamente nunca conheceram Dave.”

“Dave era verdadeiramente único. Eu não acho que qualquer um seja remotamente parecido com ele. Isso é bem difícil de se dizer.”

“Minha banda aprendeu a como se tornar uma verdadeira banda de turnês com o GWAR. Eles nos deram nossa primeira chance nesse negócio.”

“Eu aprendi muitas coisas com Dave, muitas das quais serei eternamente grato e algumas delas me envergonham profundamente.”

“Eu tirei essa foto em sua festa de aniversário, há poucos meses atrás – Dave beijando um bolo de Oderus Urungus.”

“Agora, se eu quero realmente honrar Dave, da forma que ele faria se fosse eu do outro lado, eu faria uma piada de completo mau gosto sobre sua morte, mas eu não tenho o estômago para isso – Dave teria, mas não eu. Ele nunca colocou muito valor em ‘limites’.”

“Richmond perdeu uma de suas pessoas mais criativas.”

“isso é uma grande pena para mim.”

“Obrigado, Brockie, por todas as coisas loucas que você fez. Obrigado que você existiu, para que você pudesse ter feito isso e não eu. Foi uma honra conhece-lo, ser seu lacaio acorrentado, para me servir no vômito ao seu lado (Vamos em frente!), e para ficar ensopado com seu doce cuttlefish [o gigantesco pênis de Oderus Urungus].”

“RIP Dave Brockie. Oderus, aproveite a viagem para casa.”

O vocalista Tony Foresta, da banda MUNICIPAL WASTE, que fez turnês com o GWA em 2012 também escreveu no Instagram: “Eu estou devastado agora. Uma das pessoas mais divertidas, brilhantes, de inspiração e criativas que eu já conheci e tive o privilégio de chamar de amigo, faleceu. Vou sentir muitas saudades, amigo.”

Des Fafara (DEVILDRIVER, COAL CHAMBER) “Descanse em paz, meu amigo.”

EMMURE: “Nós estamos profundamente entristecidos com as notícias de que nosso amigo e camarada faleceu. Dave era um indivíduo admirável contra nós. Ele falou muito bem do EMMURE e se nos conhecia ou não, nós éramos bem passionais sobre ele também. Descanse em paz, Oderus Urungus. GWAR para sempre.”

Bem Orum (ex-ALL SHALL PERISH): “Dave, você era um gênio criativo. Obrigado para trazer tanta alegria para mim e meus amigos enquanto crescíamos com o GWAR. RIP.”

De acordo com o TheMusic.com.au, os agentes do GWAR vai lançar um pronunciamento sobre a morte de Brockie ainda hoje.

O último álbum do grupo, “Battle Maximus”, vendeu cerca de 3.500 cópias nos Estados Unidos em sua primeira semana de lançamento, estreando na 109º posição da Billboard 200.

20 de mar. de 2014

Rocknews\\ Crucified Barbara em SP: alteração de horário dos shows

A Abstratti e a Free Pass Entretenimento confirmaram a apresentação da banda sueca de hard rock Crucified Barbara em São Paulo, no dia 20 de Abril, a partir das 16h. Confira abaixo ordem e os novos horários das apresentações. Considerada uma das bandas femininas mais imponentes do cenário europeu, fará 4 apresentações no país e terá como bandas convidadas os paulistanos do KIARA ROCKS e os gaúchos do HIBRIA.

As suecas do Crucified Barbara estarão pela segunda vez no Brasil para mostrar seu hard rock poderoso. O quarteto retornará ao país com a notoriedade de ser uma das novas bandas mais imponentes do cenário europeu. Misturando influências do punk e do metal, Mia Coldheart (vocal e guitarra), Klara Force (guitarra), Ida Evileye (baixo) e Nicki Wicked (bateria) fazem um som nervoso que atingiu seu melhor momento no disco The Midnight Chase. O último registro do grupo, lançado no final de 2012, conquistou uma série de elogios da mídia especializada.

Em atividade desde o fim dos anos noventa, a Crucified Barbara despontou na Europa com o disco In Distortion We Trust (2005). O reconhecimento foi imediato, e o conjunto foi direto para o Top 10 das paradas suecas, além de debutar também na América do Norte e no Japão com o álbum. Como era o esperado, não demorou muito para que a banda atravessasse o oceano Atlântico – as quatro garotas excursionaram pela Austrália em 2006 após seis semanas de shows pela Europa. As críticas extremamente positivas colaboraram para que o disco chegasse também ao Brasil, pela gravadora Hellion Records, dedicada à música pesada. O último álbum do grupo é uma continuação do trabalho feito em Till Death Do Us Party (2009), que levou as bárbaras aos principais festivais do verão europeu e também ao popular concurso ‘Swedish Heats’, da TV sueca. O hiato de quase de três anos foi importante para que elas amadurecessem sua sonoridade ao agregar elementos modernos e ainda mais pesados ao seu estilo extremamente próprio. “Nunca gostei tanto de algo que já fizemos”, comentou Mia Coldheart sobre o novo álbum. “Estou muito orgulhosa das músicas do The Midnight Chase e a sonoridade está melhor do que nunca”, complementa a vocalista.

Com quatro discos lançados, a Hibria é um dos nomes mais importantes do metal gaúcho – e nacional. Isso pode ser comprovado pelos feitos conquistados por Iuri Sanson (voz), Abel Camargo (guitarra), Renato Osorio (guitarra) Benhur Lima (baixo) e Eduardo Baldo (bateria). Entre eles, abrir os shows do Black Sabbath e do Metallica em Porto Alegre, fazer turnês pelo Japão – o que rendeu até um DVD chamado Blinded by Tokyo: Live (2012) – e participar da edição 2013 do megafestival Rock In Rio. Atualmente, a banda trabalha na divulgação de seu álbum mais recente Silent Revenge (2013).

Formada em 2007, o Kiara Rocks é uma banda de rock paulistana integrada por Cadu Pelegrini (voz e guitarra), Anselmo Fávaro (guitarra), Phil Bonaño (guitarra), Juninho (baixo) e Marcos Grevy (bateria). O grupo já participou duas vezes do programa ‘Astros’, do SBT, e tocou em uma das noites de peso do Rock In Rio 2013 no mesmo palco e dia de Iron Maiden, Slayer e Avenged Sevenfold . Seu terceiro e mais recente trabalho é o disco Daqui por Diante, lançado ano passado.

LOCAL - Carioca Club (R. Cardeal Arcoverde, 2899 - Pinheiros)
20 de abril, domingo

16h - abertura da casa
17h30 - Hibria
18h50 - Kiara Rocks
20h - Crucified Barbara

1º lote R$60,00 (meia entrada) / R$120,00 (inteira)
2º lote R$70,00 (meia entrada) / R$140,00 (inteira)
3º lote R$80,00 (meia entrada) / R$160,00 (inteira)


www.ticketbrasil.com.br (em até 12x no cartão)

Hole – Av. São João, 439, 1º andar, loja 275 – Centro. Fone: (11) 3337-126.
Paranoid Discos – Av. São João, 439, 2º andar, loja 315 – Centro. Fone: (11) 3221-5297.
Shopping Oriente 500 – Rua Oriente, 500, 2º andar – Brás. Fone: (11) 2292-8166 .
Cadaqual – Rua Augusta, 2171 – Jardim Paulista. Fone: (11) 3062-7079.
Metal Music – Rua Dona Elisa Fláquer, 185, Centro – Santo André. Fone: (11) 4994-7565.
Age of Dreams – Rua Marechal Deodoro, 1754, 2º andar, loja 33/36 – Centro, São Bernardo do Campo. Fone: (11) 97616-6861.
Art In Tattoo – Rua Anibal Lelis de Miranda, 268 - Vinhedo. Fone: (19) 3876-0299.
Music Sound – Av. Henrique Savi, 15055 - Bauru. Fone: (14) 3227-8031.
Jô Calçados – Rua Batista de Carvalho, 4061 – Bauru. Fone: (14) 3212-4979.

*Será expressamente proibida a entrada de câmeras fotográficas profissionais e semiprofissionais, bem como filmadoras de qualquer tipo.
*A organização do evento não se responsabiliza por ingressos comprados fora do site e pontos de venda oficiais.

Premiere\\ DE LA TIERRA Featuring SEPULTURA's ANDREAS KISSER: 'San Asesino' Video Released

"San Asesino", the new video from the Latin metal group DE LA TIERRA, consisting of Andreas Kisser, guitarist of SEPULTURA, Andrés Giménez, former leader of A.N.I.M.A.L., Sr. Flavio, bassist of LOS FABULOSOS CADILLACS, and Alex González, drummer of MANÁ, can be seen below.

Roadrunner Records and Warner Music Latina released the self-titled debut album from DE LA TIERRA, on January 14. The CD cover artwork can be seen below.

"De La Tierra", the band's crushing 11-song debut was recorded and mixed by Stanley Soares (MOTÖRHEAD, SEPULTURA) in Sao Paulo, Guadalajara, Buenos Aires and Los Angeles and produced by the band themselves. The album, which marks an electrifying new chapter for the always daring members of DE LA TIERRA, features lyrics sung entirely in both Spanish and Portuguese, elevating the group's Latin roots.

"On 'De La Tierra', there are some moments when you feel the world is coming to an end and others when the sky seems to open up, letting the light shine," says Gonzalez. "It is metal that is fast, powerful, explosive, with lots of adrenaline. You have darkness and light. There is melody and also a lot of punch."

DE LA TIERRA's history can be traced back eight years to backstage conversations between Giménez and González, discussing their passion for heavy music. A tour with MANÁ brought González to Argentina in 2011, which rekindled discussions of starting a group with Gimenez. The following evening the two had dinner with Flavio, a friend of Giménez's who both revered, as the three flirted with the idea of forming a power trio. Giménez however wanted more firepower and suggested Kisser as a possible second guitarist. González reached out to Kisser via email telling him about the project which was conceived as a gathering of like minds to create metal music which they all enjoyed and appreciated. Kisser responded immediately: "I am the band's guitar player!"

DE LA TIERRA is Andrés Giménez (vocals/guitar), Andreas Kisser (guitar/vocals), Sr. Flavio (bass/vocals) and Alex González (drums/vocals)

Premiere\\ CALIFORNIA BREED Featuring GLENN HUGHES And JASON BONHAM: 'Sweet Tea' Video Released

"Sweet Tea", the first video from CALIFORNIA BREED, the new band of 2014, built around the foundation of legendary vocalist-bassist Glenn Hughes, drummer extraordinaire Jason Bonham and 23-year-old newcomer guitarist-singer-songwriter Andrew Watt, can be seen below. Mixing massive riffs, gutsy vocals and gale force rhythms, this powerful three-piece band will release their self-titled debut album May 20 on Frontiers Records. It was produced by Dave Cobb (JAMEY JOHNSON, RIVAL SONS, SHOOTER JENNINGS).

"California Breed" was recorded at Cobb's Nashville studio and features equal co-writing credits among the three-man lineup. "It's proper rock," Hughes told Classic Rock magazine, "but at the same time it's very now. Andrew is as influenced by Mick Ronson as he is Jimmy Page." "This kid is amazing," says Bonham. "The first time we met I thought he looked like the white Jimi Hendrix. And he plays in the studio like he's on stage!"

Glenn Hughes, 'The Voice Of Rock', is a true original, a legendary icon whose credits include DEEP PURPLE and guesting with everyone from BLACK SABBATH to EARTH, WIND & FIRE — up to his most recent collaboration in rock supergroup BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION. No other rock musician has carved such a distinctive style blending the finest elements of hard rock, soul and funk. That astonishing voice is Hughes' calling card.

The legacy of LED ZEPPELIN lives on in Jason Bonham, British drummer and son of ZEP's legendary John Bonham. He has inherited the best of his father's skills while mastering his own distinctive and dynamic technique. Jason has followed his own distinctive path over the years, fronting his own successful outfits like BONHAM, and playing with LED ZEPPELIN, FOREIGNER, HEART and, most recently, movie composer Hans Zimmer.

Andrew Watt is a soulful singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose high-energy aggressive style and creative spirit are synonymous with New York City.

Hughes says: "I live in the moment, it's all about NOW. CALIFORNIA BREED is exactly where I live, breathe and where my freak flag flies."

"California Breed" track listing:

01. The Way
02. Sweet Tea
03. Chemical Rain
04. Midnight Oil
05. All Falls Down
06. The Grey
07. Days They Come
08. Spit You Out
09. Strong
10. Invisible
11. Scars
12. Breathe
13. Solo*

* Deluxe Edition includes "Solo" bonus track and a DVD including 2 video clips ("The Way" and "Sweet Tea"), plus documentary

When BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION disbanded, Hughes and Bonham had a strong desire to keep playing together. Their only challenge was finding a new guitarist worthy of their musicality. Easier said than done for these stars who between them have worked with some of the greatest guitarists in history — including Ritchie Blackmore, Tony Iommi, Jimmy Page and Joe Bonamassa, to name just a few.

Then fate took a hand in things when Glenn's friend Julian Lennon introduced him to the astounding talents of a New York City hotshot guitarist named Andrew Watt.

"Literally, the first day me and Andrew got together we wrote two songs," recalls Glenn. "One was 'Chemical Rain' and the other was 'Solo', both of which are now on the finished album. I was so moved by the music, I said, 'We've got to record this!' That's when I called Jason."

"I was excited from the start," says Jason, "because apart from locking in as a rhythm section, Glenn and I had started writing together in BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION, and we wanted to continue that."

"There was such energy in the room the first time we all played together, me and Glenn didn't even have to talk about it," says Jason. "He was so exited to be playing, though, it was infectious! He was just on stage! No going through the motions, kicking the chair over, everything! I was like, you know what, this kid is a free spirit. It was cool, we all just clicked straight away."

"Nothing though has gotten into my blood like CALIFORNIA BREED," says Glenn. "I feel the same way," says Jason. "I feel like a kid again starting out."

Recording with Dave Cobb at the producer's own studio in Nashville, added all the finishing touches, says Glenn.

"I'd gotten into Dave's work via the RIVAL SONS, who I know and really love. But Dave has done a lot of great stuff. That whole Nashville trip which Dave is a part of. Well, me and Jason don't want to sound like anyone else, we already sound like ourselves, but we felt we needed some fresh energy — and Dave absolutely brought it."

At Cobb's insistence, every vocal was recorded live as the band was playing. "Totally the reverse of what I'm used to," says Glenn. "But I went into that aggressive rock soulfulness and everything down to the whispers, it was all done live! I enjoyed myself so much, just going for it."

For what is on paper a three-piece, the sheer range of sounds and melodies you get from CALIFORNIA BREED are breathtaking.

"I'm the oddball of the group but I'm the thing that makes us different from any other classic rock band. I grew up loving grunge music," explains Andrew. "But my father always played me THE WHO and THE BEATLES and LED ZEPPELIN. I always felt like I was in the wrong generation. I used to make rock music on my own and I'd play all the instruments because I could never find anyone my age that really got it the way I heard it. Then I got to play with Jason and Glenn and I haven't picked up anything but a guitar since!"

"What we've got here is a kid who isn't a hammer-on, virtuoso," says Glenn, "but a whole new entity. This kid grew up listening to Mick Ronson on Bowie's records, as well as Jimmy Page in LED ZEPPELIN. He has a completely different take. And it's fresh and bold and so exciting. It just gets into your blood."

19 de mar. de 2014

Traduza\\ H.E.A.T.: música do novo álbum é tocada em rua Berlim

Integrantes da banda sueca de hard rock H.E.A.T., o vocalista Erik Grönwall e o guitarrista Eric Rivers tocaram a música "A Shot At Redemption" em Berlim. Gravado nas ruas da capital alemã, o vídeo faz parte da divulgação do álbum Tearing Down The Wall, que será lançado no dia 9 de abril via Gain/Sony Music.

O novo registro marca o primeiro trabalho sem o guitarrista Dave Dalone, que saiu do grupo no ano passado. Para o seu lugar ninguém foi contratado e a banda segue como um quinteto.

O H.E.A.T. surgiu na pequena Upplands Väsby em 2007 e debutou um ano depois com o álbum homônimo, que mostra a intenção da banda em reviver o hard rock e o glam rock dos anos 1980.

Tracklist de Tearing Down The Wall:

01. Point Of No Return
02. A Shot At Redemption
03. Inferno
04. The Wreckoning
05. Tearing Down The Walls
06. Mannequin Show
07. We Will Never Die
08. Emergency
09. All The Nights
10. Eye For An Eye
11. Enemy In Me
12. Laughing At Tomorrow


18 de mar. de 2014

Traduza\\ METALLICA: 10-Camera Mix Of 'The Lords Of Summer' Performance From Bogota

METALLICA debuted a brand new song called "The Lords Of Summer" on Sunday night (March 16) during the opening show of the band's South American tour in Bogota, Colombia. As promised, the band played a nearly all-request set, with 17 songs chosen online by fans prior to the gig and the last slot filled by the new track.

A 10-camera fan-filmed mix of the "The Lords Of Summer" performance from Bogota can be seen below.

Drummer Lars Ulrich told Rolling Stone that the new song "is fairly representative of where our creative headspace is at right now. It's one of those things that's like, 'Here, we're writing and we're creating.'"

Guitarist Kirk Hammett told The Pulse Of Radio that coming up with music is not a problem for the band. "We're a band that never has a shortage of ideas," he said. "You know, you hear about these bands that are like, oh, they're sitting in the studio and they don't have any songs, what are they gonna do? That's not METALLICA. METALLICA's problem is the total opposite: we have too many ideas, which ones are we gonna use. And so that's pretty much how it stands with us."

Ulrich cautioned, however, that "The Lords Of Summer" may not even end up on METALLICA's next album at all, or at least not in its current form. He explained, "We did the same thing when we went out and played a bunch of dates in 2006. We were writing and played two different new songs over the course of that summer, and none of them made the record (2008's 'Death Magnetic')."

The Metallica By Request tour will hit Europe this summer, with a single North American date confirmed in Montreal, as the band continues working on its 10th studio album.

The rest of METALLICA's "by request" show in Bogota featured such "rarities" as "Master Of Puppets", "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)", "Sad But True", "Fade To Black", "One" and "Enter Sandman".

17 de mar. de 2014

METALLICA no Brasil \\ Metallica: público pode escolher uma outra faixa durante o show

Depois de permitir que o público escolhesse as faixas que vão fazer parte de cada show da nova tour da banda, o METALLICA está levando o processo democrático a um novo patamar. Além das faixas das votações que já foram encerradas, e de uma faixa nova, o público pode escolher, já no local do show, uma outra faixa entre as que ficaram nas posições 17, 18 e 19 na votação via internet aberta aos compradores dos ingressos.

No primeiro show da tour, em Bogotá, o público escolheu "Ride The Lightning" como a faixa extra (veja setlist abaixo). A votação foi feita por celular entre as faixas que ficaram nas posições 17, 18 e 19 da votação inicial.

Metallica: escolha de faixa durante o show é feita por celular

Set lists de Bogotá:

01. Blackened
02. Master Of Puppets
03. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
04. Fuel
05. The Unforgiven
06. The Lords Of Summer
07. ...And Justice For All
08. Sad But True
09. Fade To Black
10. Orion
11. One
12. For Whom The Bell Tolls
13. Battery
14. Nothing Else Matters
15. Enter Sandman

16. Creeping Death
17. Ride The Lightning ("Vote Of The Day" song)
18. Seek & Destroy

12 de mar. de 2014

Premiere\\ SAMMY HAGAR: 'Personal Jesus' Video Released

"Personal Jesus", the new video from Sammy Hagar, can be seen at this location. The song is taken from his first-ever rock collaborations album, "Sammy Hagar And Friends", which sold around 15,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 23 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD arrived in stores on September 24, 2013 via Frontiers

Hagar enlisted three legendary musicians — Toby Keith, Mickey Hart and Taj Mahal — to round out the final three tracks on "Sammy Hagar And Friends". The effort was preceded by the CD's first single and video for the high-voltage track "Knockdown Dragout" featuring Kid Rock, Joe Satriani and Denny Carmassi.

In addition to the 10-track standard edition album, fans also have an opportunity to purchase a deluxe edition of "Sammy Hagar And Friends", packaged in a high-gloss digipak. The deluxe CD/DVD package includes an exclusive bonus audio track, "Space Station #5", recorded live at the Ronnie Montrose Tribute Concert held on April 29, 2012 in San Francisco, as well as the "making-of" album documentary which includes bonus video of the first single "Knockdown Dragout", and more.

"Sammy Hagar And Friends" track listing:

01. Winding Down (with Taj Mahal)
02. Not Going Down (with Bill Church & Denny Carmassi)
03. Personal Jesus (with Neal Schon, Michael Anthony & Chad Smith)
04. Father Sun (with Denny Carmassi & Aaron Hagar)
05. Knockdown Dragout (with Kid Rock, Joe Satriani, Denny Carmassi)
06. Ramblin' Gamblin' Man (with David Lauser, Mona Gnader & Vic Johnson)
07. Bad On Fords and Chevrolets (with Ronnie Dunn, David Lauser, Mona Gnader & Vic Johnson)
08. Margaritaville (with Toby Keith)
09. All We Need Is An Island (with Nancy Wilson & Mickey Hart)
10. Going Down (with Neal Schon, Michael Anthony & Chad Smith)
11. Space Station #5 (with Denny Carmassi, Bill Church, Joe Satriani) (Live from Ronnie Montrose Tribute * Exclusively available on Deluxe Edition CD)

From new originals like "Knockdown Dragout" with Kid Rock, "Bad On Fords And Chevrolets" with Ronnie Dunn, "All We Need Is An Island" with Nancy Wilson, "Going Down" with Neal Schon, Michael Anthony and Chad Smith, and "Father Sun", a duet with his son Aaron Hagar — to reimagined covers of classics like BOB SEGER's "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man" and DEPECHE MODE's "Personal Jesus" — Hagar has masterfully assembled an album that delves into rock, country, blues and pop. "Sammy Hagar And Friends" is Hagar's first solo album since 2008.

11 de mar. de 2014

LOLLAPALOOZA 2014 \\ Festival anuncia horário dos cinco palcos

A contagem regressiva para a edição brasileira do lendário festival Lollapalooza já começou! O evento que acontece, nos dias 05 e 06 de abril, no Autódromo de Interlagos, em São Paulo, anuncia oficialmente os horários de apresentação das bandas que se dividirão nos cinco palcos em dois dias. Serão mais de 10 horas de festival por dia, com mais de 54 horas de música e atividades ininterruptas.

O Lollapalooza Brasil é uma realização da TIME FOR FUN, C3 Presents e William Morris Endeavor Entertainment (WME). Conta com patrocínio da Skol e Chevrolet, apoio de Pepsi, Fusion e Rede, e media partners Rede Globo, Multishow, Estadão, Rádio Estadão, Rádio Eldorado, 89 FM – A Rádio Rock e Revista Rolling Stone.

Veja abaixo a ordem das apresentações e horários do Lollapalooza Brasil 2014.

Dia 5 de abril - sábado

Palco Skol
Vespas Mandarinas (12h20 - 13h05)
Capital Cities (14h - 15)
Julian Casablancas (16h10 - 17h10)
Phoenix (18h35 - 19h50)
Muse (21h30 - 23h)

Palco Ônix | Chevrolet
Silva (12h10 - 13h55)
Cage The Elephant (15h05 - 16h05)
Imagine Dragons (17h15 - 18h30)
NIN (17h55 - 21h25)

Palco Interlagos
Red Oblivion [Berklee] (12h45 - 13h30)
Lucas Santana (14h - 15h)
Café Tacvba (15h30 - 16h30)
PTM (17h - 18h
Lorde (18h30 - 19h30)
Nação Zumbi (20h - 21h)
Disclosure (21h30 - 23h)

Palco Perry
Elekfantz (12h45-13h45)
Digitaria (14h15 - 15h15)
Perry/Etty Vs Joachim Garraud (15h30 - 16h30)
Flume (16h45 - 17h45)
Flux Pavilion (18h - 19h15)
Wolfgang Gartner (19h45 - 21h)
Kid Cudi (21h30 - 22h30)

Souza Lima (13h30 - 14h30)
School of Rock (15h - 16h30)
Coisinha (17h - 18h)

Dia 6 de abril - domingo

Palco Skol
Francisca Valenzuela (11h50 - 12h35)
Raimundos (13h30 - 14h15)
Ellie Goulding (15h25 - 16h25)
Pixies (17h35 - 18h50)
Arcadi Fire (20h30 - 22h)

Palco Ônix | Chevrolet
Illya Kuryaki & Valderramas (12h40 - 13h25)
Johnny Marr (14h20 - 15h20)
Vampire Weekend (16h30 - 17h30)
Soundgarden (18h55 - 20h25)

Palco Interlagos
Apanhador Só (12h15 - 13h)
Brothers of Brazil (13h30 - 14h15)
Selvagens à Procura de Lei (14h45 - 15h30)
Savages (16h - 17h)
AFI (17h30 - 18h30)
Jake Bugg (19h - 20h)
New Order (20h30 - 22h)

Palco Perry
Ftampa (12h30 - 13h15)
GABE (13h30 - 14h30)
Cone Crew (15h - 16h)
Baauer (16h15 - 17h15)
Krewella (17h30 - 18h30)
The Bloody Beetroots (19h - 20h15)
Axwell (20h45 - 22h)

Barbatuques - Workshop (14h - 15h)
Barbatuques - Show (16h - 17h)

Lollapalooza Brasil 2014 – é uma realização da TIME FOR FUN, C3 Presents e William Morris Endeavor Entertainment (WME). Conta com patrocínio da Skol e Chevrolet, apoio de Pepsi, Fusion e Rede, e media partners Rede Globo, Multishow, Estadão, Rádio Estadão, Rádio Eldorado, 89 FM – A Rádio Rock e Revista Rolling Stone.

Muse, Arcade Fire, Soundgarden e Nine Inch Nails são os headliners do Lollapalooza Brasil 2014. Imagine Dragons, Pixies, Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, New Order, Axwell (Swedish House Mafia), Julian Casablancas (The Strokes), Ellie Goulding, Jake Bugg, Lorde, Disclosure, entre outros, são apenas algumas das mais de 50 atrações que prometem estremecer o Autódromo de Interlagos nos dias 05 e 06 de abril.

Os ingressos estão à venda e custam R$ 290 (inteira) e R$ 145 (meia-entrada). O valor do estacionamento é de R$ 50. Os fãs de todo país podem garantir presença neste evento histórico pelo site www.ticketsforfun.com.br, na bilheteria oficial no Citibank Hall São Paulo, pelo telefone 4003-5588 e em diversos pontos de venda espalhados pelo país.

Premiere\\ Video Premiere: BUCKCHERRY's 'Dreamin' Of You'

"Dreamin' Of You", the new Shan Dan-directed video from Californian rockers BUCKCHERRY, can be seen below. The song comes off the band's sixth studio album, 2013's "Confessions", which sold 18,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 20 on The Billboard 200 chart.

BUCKCHERRY frontman Josh Todd tells Loudwire about the clip: "I grew up in Orange County, California, and before I got into music, when I was super young, I would surf every day and I wanted to be a pro surfer. So I spent a lot of time at the ocean, sitting on the beach thinking and I had a lot of things in my head that came from just sitting and looking out at the ocean."

He adds: "It's always been something very peaceful for me and that's what I wanted to capture in the song. I just felt like it fit the song. So to go down there and have a nice time and sit by the campfire and sing a song, that's what 'Dreamin'' kind of feels like to me. So that's why we did it. It was something really simple and cool."

As previously reported, BUCKCHERRY has completed work on a new EP that will follow up last year's "Confessions" album. Todd revealed the news in an interview with PopCultureMadness.com, saying, "We just made an EP that we're gonna be releasing in the spring that we're really excited about. I don't wanna give it away yet, but there's definitely a theme to this EP, and if you're a BUCKCHERRY fan, it's a must-have. So it's really cool, and probably one the funnest times I've had writing songs."

Todd admitted that the band continues to make records despite the fact that CD sales across the board continue to decline. He explained, "The record will go away at some point, because it's a single-driven market now. Everybody's going on iTunes and they just buy the songs that they like — that's it. They don't buy records. I mean, you see it all the time now, even in pop music — (there'll be) a big pop single, and they'll sell millions of singles, and then the record drops and they sell, like, 15,000 units."

BUCKCHERRY guitarist Keith Nelson told The Pulse Of Radio a while back that he wasn't discouraged by CD sales. "I believe in the album as an artform," he said. "I don't think that putting two songs that are gonna be played on the radio and then a bunch of filler stuff — that's not why we do this. But I have lost faith in the number of records sold as an indicator of success, because our audience is growing, our business is growing. Nothing has receded, except the actual number of physical records that are sold. So I don't think that's a true indication of our success."

Todd said in his interview that BUCKCHERRY has to tour more than ever to make up for the lack of CD sales, revealing, "You've gotta be on the road if you wanna make a living at this. There's no longer these days where you drop a single and sell millions of records and go out and tour for six months and then you can just chill and enjoy your life."

BUCKCHERRY will be on the road this month, starting on March 12 in Anaheim, California.

10 de mar. de 2014

Rocknews\\ Killer Be Killed: capa e faixas do novo projeto de Max Cavalera

O selo NUCLEAR BLAST anunciou para o dia 13 de Maio o lançamento do primeiro álbum do projeto intitulado KILLER BE KILLED, a banda constituída por MAX CAVALERA [SOULFLY], GREG PUCIATO [THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN], TROY SANDERS [MASTODON] e DAVE ELITCH [THE MARS VOLTA].

01. Wings of Feather And Wax
02. Face Down
03. Melting Of My Marrow
04. Snakes of Jehova
05. Curb Crusher
06. Save The Robots
07. Fire To Your Flag
08. I.E.D.
09. Dust Into Darkness
10. Twelve Labors
11. Forbidden Fire
12. Ghosts Of Chernobyl [somente em vinil]

Rocknews\\ Municipal Waste no Brasil 2014: shows em São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro

Os americanos do Municipal Waste retornam ao Brasil em maio de 2014 para shows no Rio de Janeiro (24) e São Paulo (25).

A banda de crossover thrash do Estado da Virgínia, tem suas raízes nos estilos hardcore punk e thrash metal, passando por elementos de thrashcore. Os discos "Hazardous Mutation" e "Art Of Partying" foram lançados no Brasil e, a partir desses lançamentos a banda virou uma verdadeira febre por aqui, sendo muito cultuada pelos fãs do estilo.

Conhecidos também pelo "crowd surf" que já virou tradição nos shows, com a galera levando suas pranchas de bodyboard, para agitar ainda mais ao som original e rápido produzido pela banda.

Premiere\\ PRETTY MAIDS: 'My Soul To Take' Video Released

"My Soul To Take", the new video from Danish hard rock veterans PRETTY MAIDS, can be seen below. The song comes off "Louder Than Ever" — a collection of new songs and re-recorded tracks from PRETTY MAIDS' past albums — which will be released on March 21 in Europe and March 25 in North America.

After celebrating thier 30th anniversary as a band and the release of their latest monumental album, "Motherland", the Danish melodic hard rockers are serving the fans with an album which includes eight re-recorded classic songs from the 1995-2006 era, plus four brand new songs specially written for this record and a special bonus DVD including archive footage from the '80s, brand new interviews and plenty of cool material for the fans!

"There were two main reasons for us to do this album," explains singer Ronnie Atkins. "First of all, we wanted to keep the ball in spin and release some kind of an 'in between' album before the next 'real' studio album. Then we were curious to hear how some of the older songs would sound like with the band lineup we have today and in the hands of our current producer, Jacob Hansen. The original idea was actually to do a mix of both re-recorded, re-mixed, covers and new songs, but in the end decided to cut it down to what it is. We deliberately chose not to re-record some of the Eighties and early Nineties material, since it's some kind of 'sacred,' both to ourselves as well as the fans."

The release of "Louder Than Ever" will be followed up by a three-to-four-week tour in Europe in May 2014. In addition, the band will appear at several festivals during the summer.

"Louder Than Ever" track listing:

01. Deranged (new song)
02. Playing God
03. Psycho Time Bomb Planet Earth
04. My Soul To Take (new song)
05. He Who Never Lived
06. Virtual Brutality
07. Tortured Spirit
08. With These Eyes
09. Nuclear Boomerang (new song)
10. Snakes In Eden
11. Wake Up To The Real World
12. A Heart Without A Home (new song)

* A Retrospective of the "Motherland" 2013 world tour
* Includes archive footage from early stages of the band's career, interviews, backstage, studio footage and the usual freakiness.


Ronnie Atkins: Vocals
Ken Hammer: Guitar
Rene Shades: Bass
Allan Tchicaja: Drums
Morten Sandager: Keyboards

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