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8 de dez. de 2011

CIRCLE PIT \\ Check out new Bury Tomorrow video ‘Royal Blood’!

Come inside to check out new Bury Tomorrow video ‘Royal Blood’!

“It’s a song about breaking free of the norm, about not allowing your life to become still and lifeless,” say the band. “It’s a philosophy the band has had from day one and is even reflected in the choice of our name (From the saying: Live for today, Bury tomorrow a play on the latin phrase Carpe Diem meaning sieze the day). Too many people are told they ‘can’t’ or ‘won’t’ achieve. As a result the youth of today are being led to believe they must become lifeless beings, following the grey norm in order to survive. There is nothing to inspire them to break free, no encouragement for the masses to reach for the stars. This song is written from the perspective of someone trying to get out and reach their goals, about fighting for what you want your own life to be. When you are noble enough to stand up for your dreams no matter your situation you ARE of Royal Blood. ”

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