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21 de mai. de 2012

CIRCLE PIT \\ BURY TOMORROW: 'An Honourable Reign' Video Released

"An Honourable Reign", the new video from the U.K. metalcore act BURY TOMORROW, can be seen below. The clip was directed and produced by Sitcom Soldiers. The song comes off the band's second album, "The Union Of Crowns", which will be released on July 16 via Nuclear Blast Records.

"An Honourable Reign" lyrics:

Reign upon me, show me how I will survive.
Try and tell me a way to feel alive.
Bring it back to life, to whole new heights and tell me what is needed.
I know you'll guide me home down this darkened road.
Rain upon me, shower me with the tears of salvation.
Hold me close, hold me near.

I find myself another year spent facing a wall...
My life; our path has never been shown, but we move on.
Fighting to keep our reign from them.

We will fall into the blacker sense of reason.
Choose your side.
I hope to God you pick the right one this time.

We are The Crown!
We are The Crown!
Stand up and scream it loud!
Triumphant; immovable.

In darkness we find ourselves.

I knew we would pursue the right path, even if it was long.
We haven't changed, we stay the same; ever strong.

Show me the new day...know as long as our hearts are beating,
we will always find our way. (End of lyrics.)

"The Union Of Crowns" track listing:

01. Redeemer
02. The Maiden
03. Lionheart
04. Message to a King
05. An Honourable Reign
06. Knight Life
07. Royal Blood
08. Bitemarks
09. Abdication of Power
10. Kingdom
11. 1603
12. Sceptres
13. Vacant Throne
14. A Curse

"We are unbelievably honored to be signing to Nuclear Blast," said the the group in a statement. "It feels unreal to be part of a label with such immense pedigree that has so much faith in our music. From the first demo they were sent, the guys at Nuclear Blast were just as stoked on the potential of the record as we were, and that means an awful lot to us.

"We have always said that this album would be how we defined the genre we've grown up in; what better place to start this path on, than with the world's biggest heavy metal label!"

Jaap Wagemaker at Nuclear Blast says, "After listening to the first music that was sent to us, we decided that we HAD to work with this young band immediately! Having just finished recording their debut album for Nuclear Blast, 'The Union Of Crowns'… this incredible record clearly shows that this band has everything to make it big in today's metal scene and go far beyond that! We at Nuclear Blast are looking forward to bring this band to the next level!"


Davyd Winter Bates - Bass
Mehdi Vismara - Guitar
Daniel Winter Bates - Vocals
Adam Jackson - Drums
Jason Cameron - Vocals/Guitar

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