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14 de jan. de 2014

CIRCLE PIT \\ I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN: 'Thirty One & Sevens' Video Released

"Thirty One & Sevens", the new video from the Australian metalcore outfit I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN, can be seen at Music Feeds. The clip, which was directed by Robot Army Productions (BODYJAR, ANBERLIN, THE AMITY AFFLICTION), is based in a post-apocalyptic world, and tells the story of two slaves that manage to escape and start a revolution after demonstrating to their slave compatriots that their captors can be defeated. It was filmed in a quarry in Anakie, just outside of Geelong, Australia.

"Thirty One & Sevens" is taken from I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN's first album in six years, "Beloved", which will be released on February 18 in the U.S. via Epitaph Records.

By their own admission, I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN have endured a decidedly checkered past. Over the years the band saw multiple vocalist changes and other personnel exchanges, side-project sojourns and moonlighting in other bands, hiatuses and break-ups. Yet through it all, their musical output both live and on record has remained thoroughly inspired.

For several years, the band lay dormant, as members went on to play in other bands. In 2011, I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN reclaimed their sound, style, history, and legacy with an all-new lineup, and original member Jona Weinhofen, who spent time with BLEEDING THROUGH and BRING ME THE HORIZON. Joined by new screamer Jamie Hope (ex-RED SHORE), Shane O'Brien on drums (DEEZ NUTS), Kevin Cameron on guitar, Benjamin Coyte on bass, and of course, Jona bringing vocal choruses, guitar and keyboard to the mix.

I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN entered the studio in 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden with Fredrik Nordström (BRING ME THE HORIZON, AT THE GATES, IN FLAMES, DIMMU BORGIR, ARCHITECTS) to record "Beloved".

"We've really extended ourselves," says Weinhofen. "But we've done it in a way where it's tasteful and it makes sense with the music. It's not like we’ve gone from sounding like a metalcore band to sounding like DIMMU BORGIR. It still sounds very much like PROM QUEEN."

"Beloved" track listing:

01. Beginning Of The End
02. To The Wolves
03. Bright Enough
04. Meilor
05. Thirty One & Sevens
06. Calvert Street
07. Kærjrlighet
08. The Beaten Path
09. Nightmares
10. No One Will Save Us
11. Brevity

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