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22 de jun. de 2012

Rock and Roll Radio \\ Warrant - Big Talk

Warrant - Big Talk

Street fighting is looking for trouble
If you open your mouth
Your bound to rumble
Johnny looks tought
He's foze in the eyes
He keeps his mouth shut
He don't tell no lies

Johnny went out last night
Got in a bar room fight
Embarassed a jealous man
In front if his cheating wife
The man said "Tonight you won
But I'll tell you son,
This one's far from over"
Johnny said

Big talk is just talk
Unless, unless your backing it up
Big talk is cheap talk is
Only words unless you're backing it up
(We're backin' it up)

I don't know why
Some men lay down and die
Don't they believe in what they're saying
You should get on your feet
Beleive you can't be beat
Remember talk is only playing

I remember what my old man used to say
(We're backin' it up)
Never give up and run
(We're backin' it up)
Don't let the talkin' breeze blow you away
Always remember, stick to your guns

Big talk is looking for trouble
If you open your mouth
You better be ready to rumble

We all say
We're backing it up, yeah

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