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29 de jun. de 2012

Traduza\\ VINCE NEIL Is About To Get His Pilot's License

Vince Neil, lead singer of iconic heavy metal band MÖTLEY CRÜE, is taking to the skies this week as he takes the first steps towards earning his pilot's license, along with help from "The Aviators" television show and Sennheiser's "Live Your Dream" program.

The training event will span approximately two weeks and be captured in its entirety by "The Aviators" for its season three programming, premiering this fall on PBS.

Neil is breaking the mold of a no-holds-barred rock star by submitting himself to the very disciplined and rigorous process involved in flight training. Sennheiser's "Live Your Dream" campaign is designed to motivate and assist people with a passion for flying to overcome the barriers and begin flight training. Sennheiser is a global audio company and manufacturer of innovative aviation headsets.

"The Aviators" production team is on hand to capture video footage as Neil takes the first steps towards becoming a pilot, demonstrating the "Live Your Dream" spirit and thereby motivating other would-be aviators to do the same. Flight training is being conducted over a two-week period.

Neil's pilot training will be accessible for the 10 million weekly viewers of the PBS TV series "The Aviators" when season 3 premiers this fall. The show, which is also available on iTunes and Hulu around the world, showcases all things aviation and appeals to pilots and aviation fans alike.

"The Aviators" production team will film behind-the-scene footage and make it available for selected media's use on Neil's training and his final flight test.

Comentários: Olhem para o céu! É um pássaro? É o Bruce Dickinson? Não, é o Vince Neil bebaço dirigindo um avião.

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