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5 de fev. de 2013

Walk with me in Jail \\ RANDY BLYTHE On Trial In Czech Republic: New TV Report Posted Online

A Czech-language report from TV Nova on the start of LAMB OF GOD frontman Randy Blythe's trial on charges of manslaughter in the death of a fan at a Prague concert can be seen below.

Blythe is facing the possibility of conviction and a long-term jail sentence after a 2010 incident in which a fan, Daniel Nosek, attending a LAMB OF GOD show died almost a month later, allegedly from injuries sustained when he was thrown off the stage.

Blythe arrived in court this morning (Monday, February 4) about a quarter hour before the scheduled start time and was described by Blesk.cz as "unrecognizable" — sporting slick short hair and a "humble" expression. He did not address reporters before the court session and spoke only with his lawyer.

"And so it begins. I am calm and prepared," Randy wrote on his Instagram account. "Everyone, thanks for your good thoughts and prayers. Have a nice day, y'all!"

According to WTVR, Blythe gave a statement today in front of the three presiding judges (there are no jury trials in the Czech Republic), telling the court that he was a man of his word and had returned to face his charge, just as he promised he would.

"The death of a fan is heartbreaking," he said. "I'm not a man who runs from his problems, but I do not wish to be punished and suffer the consequences of an act I did not commit.

"I never saw Daniel and I never came in contact with him," he added in court.

Also testifying in court today were LAMB OF GOD drummer Chris Adler and the band's manager, Larry Mazer, both of whom described Blythe as quiet and well read. They also explained that Blythe's aggressive stage persona was merely a part of the show.

The trial is expected to last until the end of the week. Tomorrow the court will hear from 12 witnesses who attended the concert.

The parents of Daniel Nosek are demanding compensation of 10 million Czech Koruna (approximately $530,000)

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