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18 de mar. de 2011


According to The Pulse Of Radio, newly inducted Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer Alice Cooper says that he understands the situation Charlie Sheen is in. Cooper, a longtime recovering alcoholic, told The Pulse Of Radio that he clearly sees similarities between himself and the troubled "Two And A Half Men" actor. "I relate to him on one level; When I was an alcoholic, I was the most functional alcoholic there was," he said. "In other words — I was drinking too much, everybody knew it, everybody saw that I was, y'know, getting sick — but, when it came to doing my job, I was dead on, when it came to doing a show. And so, I have to defend him on one level; If he's showing up to do his job on that show, and he's straight, and he knows his lines, and he's funny, and he's not a problem — I don't know how they can stop the show. He's actually fulfilling his contract."

*Picture: Don Johnson, Charlie Sheen, and Alice Cooper hang out at a Planet Hollywood opening in 1994.

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