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16 de out. de 2011

Traduza\\ OZZY OSBOURNE On BLACK SABBATH Reunion: ‘We’re Just At The Gates’

Jed Gottlieb of Ultimate Classic Rock recently conducted an interview with legendary heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Ultimate Classic Rock: You've done a lot of non-music projects lately. Books, TV—

Ozzy: That TV show was an experiment that went beyond anybody's expectations. And I can honestly tell you it was 100 percent real. It wasn't like, "OK, come here and fall down the stairs and pretend you've killed yourself." Those things that you saw were real. There were hours and hours and hours of stuff that was unusable or was just the monotony of daily life. But every now and again there was something good. That's what happens when you have a camera on you 24-hours a day, you do something stupid.

Ultimate Classic Rock: But are you glad you did it?

Ozzy: Yeah, I'm glad I did it. But, yeah, I'm glad it's over. You began to feel like your life's a laboratory. You're invited to all these parties and your on the top lists at all the awards shows. You start to go, "This is bullshit!" My wife got cancer, I was back on the drugs and alcohol, my kids were on the drugs and alcohol. They were letting them into night clubs at the age of 14 and 15.

Ultimate Classic Rock: A lot of metal fans would rather see Ozzy onstage and not on reality TV.

Ozzy: That's why I'm back in rock. I just got off an 18-month tour doing a 100 shows. I've got a new band that's great. BLACK SABBATH are all talking again and maybe something will come out of thatm but I don't know.

Ultimate Classic Rock: But are you hopeful? Do you think it's a real possibility SABBATH will happen?

Ozzy: I'm not saying too much about it. Because we're just at the gates but it's a good possibility.

Ultimate Classic Rock: How long can until we get some new music from either SABBATH or Ozzy?

Ozzy: I'm writing but I had to take a break to go on tour. Then I had to take to a break to do the book. Now I have to do interviews for the book. Back in the day we did a little less ground work on each album. Now I've got TV, which I do resentfully, and interviews to do.

Read the entire interview from Ultimate Classic Rock.

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