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8 de jan. de 2013

LISTAS\\ VAN HALEN, AEROSMITH, RUSH, METALLICA Among North America's Top-Grossing Tours Last Year

VAN HALEN, AEROSMITH, RUSH, METALLICA and IRON MAIDEN are among the hard rock/heavy metal artists who made Pollstar's 2012 Top 200 North American Tour chart.

According to Pollstar, there was more than a five percent rise in ticket sales, with 36.7 million sold in 2012 compared to the previous year's 34.74 million. The 2012 average ticket price was $68.76, or an increase of $1.54 over 2011's average price of $67.22. In addition, more than half of Pollstar's Top 10 earners in North America averaged prices above the $100 mark.

Some of the hard rock/heavy metal artists who made Pollstar's 2012 Top 200 North American Tour chart:

#8: VAN HALEN - $49.9 million gross (50 shows)
#23: AEROSMITH - $31.0 million gross (33 shows)
#33: RUSH - $27.5 million gross (36 shows)
#36: JOURNEY - $25.8 million gross (57 shows)
#46: METALLICA - $21.0 million gross (15 shows)
#48 KISS/MÖTLEY CRÜE - $19.1 million gross (41 shows)
#59: IRON MAIDEN - $16.1 million gross (30 shows)
#64: DEF LEPPARD/POISON - $14.1 million gross (41 shows)
#99: TOOL - $8.1 million gross (18 shows)
#109: RAMMSTEIN - $7.2 million gross
#115: SCORPIONS - $6.9 million gross
#126: STYX/REO SPEEDWAGON/TED NUGENT - $6.5 million gross
#143: GUNS N' ROSES - $5.7 million gross
#152: BOSTON - $5.2 million gross
#163: JANE'S ADDICTION - $4.6 million gross
#180: MEGADETH's Gigantour - $3.9 million gross
#197: MÖTLEY CRÜE - $3.0 million gross

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