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17 de ago. de 2010

Traduza\\ BLACK SABBATH's GEEZER BUTLER 'Wouldn't Say No' To Reunion With OZZY OSBOURNE

Hellbound.ca recently conducted an interview with legendary bassist Geezer Butler (BLACK SABBATH, HEAVEN & HELL). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Hellbound.ca: When you look back at your recording career and all the albums you have been a part of, is "Paranoid" the album you would pick as the classic BLACK SABBATH album?

Geezer: I suppose it is, but I always liked the first album. "Paranoid" was the first album that was 100 percent written by the band. The first album had "Warning", which was written by somebody else on it. So, yeah, "Paranoid" was the first completely written by us and it is probably still the biggest album that we did.

Hellbound.ca: I think the last number that I saw was four million sold in the USA.

Geezer: Yeah, and I think that it has done well over that now too.

Hellbound.ca: Does it surprise you looking back now some 40 years later of "Paranoid"'s longevity? Could you have ever imagined when writing and recording those songs of their importance?

Geezer: No, not at all. We all thought that we'd be able to do this for two or three years and then go get proper jobs. I mean, that is what bands did back then. You know, I'd go and see lots of bands and think that they were good and then they wouldn't get a record deal and so you would never hear of them again. Or you'd see a band and they'd get a one-record deal and they wouldn't sell anything so you'd never hear of them again. That is what we thought would happen with BLACK SABBATH. We were lucky to do a second album, we were hoping that it would do well and then eventually we'd disappear. Nobody ever dreamt that any band would last this long, still being popular some forty years later.

Hellbound.ca: Is there a song off "Paranoid" that resonates as the most important?

Geezer: For me, probably "War Pigs". The lyrics will always stand up.

Hellbound.ca: That was one thing I wanted to ask you about. Those lyrics are as important today as they were the day you wrote them.

Geezer: Absolutely. The one thing that human kind always seems to have is war. They never learn.

Hellbound.ca: What do you think of the chances are of BLACK SABBATH ever playing again with Ozzy?

Geezer: I don't know. You know it would be nice to finish the whole thing off with one last tour, I suppose. We're all getting a bit old now, so time is running out. It would be nice. I wouldn't say no!

Read the entire interview from Hellbound.ca.

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