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30 de ago. de 2010

Traduza\\ PHILIP ANSELMO: 'I Think About DIMEBAG Every Day Of My Life'

Jason Price of Icon Vs. Icon recently conducted an interview with Philip Anselmo (DOWN, PANTERA, SUPERJOINT RITUAL, ARSON ANTHEM). A few excerpts from the chat follow.

Icon Vs. Icon: We obviously can't talk about PANTERA without talking about Dimebag Darrell's untimely passing. It has been five years and you guys are putting together this commemorative release together. It is clear that his death has had a major impact on you. Is it getting any easier for you as time passes?

Anselmo: No. As a matter of fact, in a strange way, you kinda just took the words out of my mouth and asked the right question. No. Every year gets harder. Every year, when the dates roll by it gets harder and this past year has been the hardest year of all. I think initially, the first year, two years … [pauses] I don't know how long. It was just such a shock. It is very hard to comprehend, but I get it now. I get it now. I understand. Sure, I think about what could be. Yes, I think about Dimebag every day of my life. Every waking day of my life, man. So, no. It doesn't get any easier.

Icon Vs. Icon: You have had a love/hate relationship with the "rock media" for years? What are your thoughts on that part of the industry these days and your relationship with it?

Anselmo: Well, honestly it has a whole lot to do with my attitude. I think for many, many, many years I was a wounded animal lashing out. I was making a lot of mistakes with medication, drugs and alcohol. I was just fucking … [pauses] pardon the F-bomb … but I was just fucking out of my mind and I was really lashing out. After major back surgery, and that is a heck of a struggle, to come back from that both physically and mentally, today I am in a much better place. It is like what I give is what I get back. With the press, when I would fly off at the mouth, the press would eat it alive. Good or bad. I learned that lesson a few different times after being suckered into different confrontational things via different articles or different things in magazines and whatnot. Hence my silence after Dimebag's passing. There was no way I was ready to have a microphone shoved in my face. That is why I shut myself off for a long while. I have had interviewers, not many, I have definitely had a couple that try to wind me up with questions that are designed to do just that. But hey man, it is tough to fool the ol' fat now. You can't fuck … with me.

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