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30 de ago. de 2011


Lemmy Kilmister (MOTÖRHEAD), DEVILDRIVER, SODOM, DORO, FINNTROLL and BORKNAGAR are among the artists who are featured on the 20th-anniversary tribute to METALLICA's self-titled album, available with the September 2011 issue of Germany's Metal Hammer magazine. The 80-page publication containing the disc, behind-the-scenes articles and interviews as well as a 32-page Wacken Open Air special hit newsstands in Germany on August 24.

The world-exclusive "Metallica" tribute album includes eleven previously unreleased recordings plus a cover of "Enter Sandman" that was recorded by Lemmy Kilmister and members of ZEBRAHEAD for the 1998 compilation "ECW: Extreme Music":

* LEMMY - "Enter Sandman"
* THE NEW BLACK - "Sad But True"
* DEVILDRIVER - "Holier Than Thou"
* DARK AGE - "The Unforgiven"
* CALLEJON - "Wherever I May Roam"
* I.C.S. VORTEX - "Don't Tread On Me"
* NEAERA - "Through The Never"
* DORO - "Nothing Else Matters"
* MOTORJESUS - "Of Wolf And Man"
* FINNTROLL - "The God That Failed"
* BORKNAGAR - "My Friend Of Misery"
* SODOM - "The Struggle Within"

Audio samples of the CALLEJON, I.C.S. VORTEX and DEILDRIVER covers can be streamed using the SoundCloud player below.

METALLICA's 1991 self-titled fifth album, commonly known as "the black album," in 2009 surpassed SHANIA TWAIN's 1997 record, "Come On Over", as the best-selling CD of the SoundScan era. To date, the black album has sold 15,687,000 copies.

Although METALLICA had scored their first radio and video airplay with their previous effort, 1988's "...And Justice For All", the black album was the band's biggest commercial breakthrough, producing five singles and making them into one of the most popular rock bands in the world.

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