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"Satan laughs as you eternally rot!"

21 de ago. de 2012

Premiere\\ ALL HAIL THE YETI: 'The Art Of Mourning' Video Released

"The Art Of Mourning", the new video from the Los Angeles-based metal quartet ALL HAIL THE YETI, can be seen below. The song comes off the band's self-titled debut album, which will be released in North America on August 28 via AFM Records.

"The Art Of Mourning" is about a gunslinger who wants out of his "deviant" lifestyle, and is trying to settle down with his wife and kids, but the people above him don't want to lose their best gun. So they murder his kids, rape and hang his wife, and leave them for dead on the porch of his burnt-down ranch. Now this torn man with nothing left, has to decide whether to come to terms with the consequences of a life that he chose. Or take revenge on the men that took everything from him.

Filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia with director Rob Cantin, the video combines close-up performance footage of ALL HAIL THE YETI cut into a gritty, Western movie storyline chock full of old-school debauchery, brutal gunfights and gory head-shots utilizing actual .45 revolvers, a full-on lynching and all kinds of high-action entertainment!

Stated ALL HAIL THE YETI vocalist Connor Garritty on the video's inception and creation: "Rob and I have been friends for many years and we share a love for the Old West and the gunfighters of the late 1800s.

"We have done a couple paranormal investigations of hot spots like tombstone's birdcage theater, and Bisbee Arizona, trying to get some sort of glimpse of what life would have been like back then.

"We had a blast making this clip and this is just the beginning for us. We are already in talks about the next one. With these ventures you learn new things every time, and each moment becomes a memory. That is the most important thing to us!"

Uniting elements of sludge metal, hardcore and groove-laden hard rock, ALL HAIL THE YETI unify these influences into their own diverse, modern style which is delivered in a way to make people move.

ALL HAIL THE YETI's self-titled debut album captures the act's most crushing tunes to date, with over a solid hour of energized thunderous riffage. The band has documented the creation of the album as well as the band's overall whiskey-soaked, fight-fueled, locked-cocked-and-ready-to-rock approach, liberated through a killer new trailer viewable below.

Featuring well-known tattoo artist Connor Garritty of Timeless Tattoos in L.A., ALL HAIL THE YETI have forged their own path through what they see as a desolate Hollywood music scene, the hard-working unit dead-set against burning out like so many bands from the same town and scene have over the past few decades of heavy music. Coinciding with their 2010-released "Trees On Fire With Songs Of Blood" EP, the band broke into the local scene with a surge of shows which led them to support slots for major national acts including TIMES OF GRACE, SOULFLY, FEAR FACTORY, SUICIDE SILENCE and more. With no record deal in place at the time, last year AHTY took it upon themselves to get things moving and entered the studio with producers Tommy Decker and Mike Sarkisyan to record their self-titled, debut LP. Upon its completion, the album received attention from several labels, and after some talks with AFM about the direction and goals of the band, happily took the deal the label offered them for the release of "All Hail The Yeti".

"All Hail The Yeti Track" Listing:

01. Deep Creek
02. When The Sky Falls
03. Suicide Woods
04. The Weak and Wounded (Prelude to Flames)
05. After The Great Fire
06. Bloodguilt
07. The Art Of Mourning
08. I Am Wendigod
09. Axe Murder Hollow
10. Ruby Ridge (Every Knee Shall Bow)
11. Judas Cradle

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