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24 de set. de 2010

Traduza\\ SLAYER's KERRY KING 'Feels Bad' That He Didn't Take Part In 'Big Four' Jam

Revolver magazine recently conducted an interview with SLAYER guitarist Kerry King. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Revolver: Why didn't you play in the Big Four jam on "Am I Evil" at the end?

Kerry: There's a damn good reason. It isn't too long an explanation. [MEGADETH's Dave] Mustaine came to me that day and [METALLICA's] James [Hetfield] came to me that day saying, "Hey, it would be really cool if you played." I knew Jeff [Hanneman, SLAYER guitarist] wouldn't do it, and I knew Tom [Araya, SLAYER bassist/vocalist] wouldn't do it. And I also knew after we played that neither one of them would edit our video that was going to cinemas in a couple hours, so I told James and Mustaine both, "Listen, man. I've gotta edit our video before I can even think about playing with you guys." So the entire time of the set change between SLAYER and METALLICA, I was editing that video. I came running to the tuning room after I got done picking the songs, and they were already onstage. And to make it an even better story, I found out at 1 a.m. the night prior, so I really had no chance to work on that stuff or anything. So I wanted to; it just couldn't happen. I've got a lot of flack for that but yeah, that's the story.

Revolver: You've mentioned the "Big Four" a few times, what is your relationship with METALLICA like these days?

Kerry: It's better than it's ever been. Not that we had any beefs with each other. Oddly enough we just completely ran in different circles. I went into this tour not really thinking METALLICA were my friends. I've known [METALLICA bassist Robert] Trujillo since [he was in] SUICIDAL [TENDENCIES], and I speak to Lars [Ulrich, METALLICA drummer] off and on, historically, but leaving this tour I feel like they're all my friends. I feel bad I didn't get to play "Am I Evil?" but I had a good time. When time allowed, I would go into Lars' world — you know, the little section right behind where he plays — and me and Dave would be back there watching the show. I got to see it there three nights out of the six or seven, and it was just fun.

Revolver: Have you talked about the possibility of doing it in the U.S.?

Kerry: Every chance I get. [Laughs]

Revolver: Were METALLICA originally supposed to be on the upcoming shows with MEGADETH and ANTHRAX?

Kerry: When ANTHRAX got brought up for the second leg, I'm like, "I'm into it." I said, "I just don't want it to have any adverse effects on the Big Four coming here." I was assured it wouldn't, so we'll see how that goes.

Revolver: You're playing "Seasons in the Abyss" on the Jägermeister tour, and last time you did that tour, you played "Reign in Blood". Why won't you be playing "South of Heaven" in your classic album tours?

Kerry: Well, that's definitely my least favorite of the three. One of those songs on there, "Cleanse the Soul", I hate that fuckin' song. There's a PRIEST song on there ["Dissident Agressor"], which I love, but I don't think that condones redoing a record, because you have a cover, for one, and a song that I, for one, hate and I think Hanneman hates as well. I think that was one that just slipped through the fuckin' sifter. Like, whoops, shouldn't have recorded that one. [Laughs]

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