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15 de abr. de 2011

Traduza\\ This New Album Leaves ‘Sonic Boom’ In The Dust

Fighting words from Paul Stanley as Kiss begin work on a new studio album. Get footage from the studio inside!

A video message from KISS guitarist/vocalist/legend Paul Stanley details plans for a new KISS album as a follow up to their 2009 album Sonic Boom.

KISS arrived in the studio to record their new album two days ago, and Stanley is confident that it will kick Sonic Boom’s ass: “This album, I’m telling you, everybody agrees, leaves Sonic Boom in the dust. So this is awesome, and you’ll be hearing it soon.”

Gene Simmons also gave details of the new album in March during an interview with DJ JC Green of Alfa Rock 105.7 FM and Metal Messiah Radio’s “Heavy Metal Thunder” program. Simmons assured fans that the album will be nothing but straight-up, no messing around rock: “straight rock songs, no ballads, no keyboards, no nothing, just rock. A lot of the songs [have been] written by the whole band together, so no outside writers, just the band doing what it did on the first three records — writing the songs ourselves.”

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