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27 de mar. de 2012

Premiere\\ BIOHAZARD: 'Vengeance Is Mine' Video Released

New York hardcore/metal veterans BIOHAZARD have chosen Travis Campbell's video for "Vengeance Is Mine" as the grand-prize winner of their music video contest.

Using their Facebook page, the band challenged fans to create their own music video for a track off of their new album, "Reborn In Defiance". Submissions were uploaded to YouTube, and the band unanimously agreed on Campbell's entry as the first official video for "Reborn In Defiance".

Commented BIOHAZARD vocalist/guitarist Billy Graziadei: "Without the help of extra footage, Travis took some classic imagery from our previous videos and made it all work for 'Vengeance is Mine'... pure awesomeness! Be on the lookout for some great things to come from him!"

Added Campbell: "I have been a BIOHAZARD fan since the early '90s and have always been influenced by their videos and social commentary and wanted to show my respect and appreciation for a band that has helped me get through some rough times throughout the years. I started watching all the old BIO vids and got the idea of taking all the material and cutting it in a new way and adding in civil unrest footage from Occupy Wall Street, the civil rights era, and other events like Bloody Sunday. The hardest part was getting the synch right, having Billy from 1994 singing to a phrase in 2012 proved quite challenging! In the end, I am proud of the video and I am elated that BIOHAZARD likes it as well."

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