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26 de out. de 2010

Traduza\\ METALLICA Bassist Gets Covered In Cream Pies For 46th Birthday

Video footage and photos of METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo getting covered in cream pies for his 46th birthday at the conclusion of the band's October 23, 2010 performance in Perth, Australia can be viewed below.

In a September 2008 interview with RollingStone.com, Trujillo spoke about how he landed the METALLICA gig. An excerpt from the chat follows below.

RollingStone.com: You joined METALLICA in February, 2003. How much did you know about the dynamics within the band at the time?

Robert: "They were in the middle of a bunch of transitional things. They were recording the album ['St. Anger'], still doing tracking and mixing, and also trying to find a new bass player. I received a phone call. I was in Tahiti on vacation. I checked my voice mail, and I had Lars and Kirk on there. Lars was in the background: 'Join our band!' They were probably out on the town, having a few cocktails, calling all the bass players on their list."

RollingStone.com: Do you know how you got on that list?

Robert: "I'm not 100 percent sure. I think it was a combination of things. One was I toured with METALLICA, with SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. That's where I originally met everybody. And less than a year prior to me receiving the call, a mutual friend of Kirk's called and said, 'Kirk and I are coming down with some friends. Can you show us some surf spots around L.A.?' I thought that was neat: that Kirk, the vampire I knew, the nocturnal man, was ready to explore daylight and surfing in Southern California. He was in an RV with three friends. We spent a weekend hitting different spots. The whole thing, at least from what I understand, was they each had people they wanted to bring into the auditions. I became Kirk's guy. From my understanding, Lars wasn't aware of much that I had done. [In addition to playing with SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, Trujillo toured and recorded with OZZY OSBOURNE and worked with ALICE IN CHAINS guitarist Jerry Cantrell.] I don't know where James' head was at."

Australian METALLICA fans can expect more pie action on November 18 when the band plays Melbourne on guitarist's Kirk Hammett's 48th birthday.

Photos below courtesy of MetOnTour.com

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