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27 de out. de 2010

Traduza\\ RATT Singer: 'We're Gonna Be On A Hiatus For Awhile'

Vocalist Stephen Pearcy of California rockers RATT was interviewed earlier this week by Spike of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania radio station 94 WYSP. You can now listen to the chat using the audio player below.

On RATT's tour in support of the "Infestation" album:

Pearcy: "We wanted to go out a little bit longer — I did — but there's some things that need to be re-evaluated and taken care of so we can, you know, take care of some business."

On whether personal differences between the bandmembers were an obstacle in getting RATT back together:

Pearcy: "Well, there's so much unfinished business. When I left the band, I left the band because things weren't in place. And RATT will never be the same because we don't have Robbin [Crosby, guitar] and we don't have Juan [Croucier, bass]. All we can do is give you the best of what we've got. I can't speak for Warren [DeMartini, guitar] or Bobby [Blotzer, drums], but when you have somebody... when you have your drummer constantly and deliberately on his own agenda and pretty much not doing things for the band... [Bobby] was out there doing this book thing [promoting his recently released book, 'Tales Of A Ratt'] and making that a priority to where he was alienating his audience. I mean, it was kind of like going against the grain. And me, I don't have any time for that."

On the band's current status and future plans:

Pearcy: "I've been there and done it. Now I'm just trying to enjoy what I do and get on with it. And if something's not right, I have the option — I always have the option — to step to the side and do what I need to do for my brand and my business and Top Fuel Records and my racing and my own solo career. And that's what I've done. We finished a great show in Japan — this huge gig [at the Loud Park festival] with HALFORD and HELLYEAH and a bunch of other bands — and that was great. So I think we're gonna be on a hiatus for awhile and everybody'll do their own thing and we'll take it from there."

On the timing of the release of Bobby Blotzer's "Tales Of A Ratt" book:

Pearcy: "Like I say, there's always commotion in this ocean — the RATT ocean, unfortunately — but you make your priority and deliberately plan it to take advantage of what we're doing as a group, it's kind of defeating the purpose. That's one thing that rubbed everybody the wrong way. And I've gotta say, it's not that I care, or I'm telling people to rush out and grab this thing (the book), but there's a lot of things that aren't really truthful in there, and I think he was — without spending more time on this whole subject — you don't rush something out there and just talk the talk without crossing the Ts and dotting the Is and making sure it's truthful. Anybody can say something not truthful and it will get interest, but is it fact? And a lot of it wasn't fact and had to do with us as bandmates and in this band RATT. If somebody wants to talk about their personal [stuff], that's their business, but leave everybody out. Because RATT — Robbin, Warren, myself and even Juan — we never really did care to put our lives out there, we only wanted to put our music out there. If somebody went down that was, in whatever way, matter or form it went down, it was nobody's business. We just do what we do."

"I've gotta tell you, even in the heyday of RATT, I don't remember a good two or three years. I mean, I was actually — and still am — preparing a book myself, and lo and behold, my book has been titled 'Ratt Tales' for some time, so I don't think Bob's too original calling his 'Tales Of A Ratt'. But I'm in no rush to get it out there, and it's not gonna be about... It's not gonna be your standard rock book. There's more interesting and important subjects to get to besides, 'Hey, I did that and did this and did them and did that,' you know. [laughs]"

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