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29 de nov. de 2011

Premiere\\ "Don't Want To Talk About" Stephen Pearcy's new video

"Don't Want To Talk About", the video for the first single from RATT vocalist Stephen Pearcy's upcoming solo album, "Sucker Punch", can be seen below.

In a recent interview with Guitar International, Pearcy stated about the forthcoming CD, "It's probably one of the first records that I'm actually doing all the guitars on.

"Most people don't really know me as a guitar player, even as a writer, but those songs came from somewhere.

"The RATT EP was literally all of my songs from the MICKEY RATT days, with the exception of "You Think You're Tough", which Robbin [Crosby, late RATT guitarist] and I had penned together. That's the song that ended up getting us signed.

"I've been a guitar player for years; it's just overlooked.

"I'm doing the solos on both of the sample singles.

"I'm currently the label [via Top Fuel Records], but Roadrunner has an option on it. Whether they pick it up is irrelevant, because it will be heard.

"What I wanted to do this time, since I was writing so many songs, is for my fans to hear the process. Not just give them a basic track, but to give them a rough version.

"Depending on how the record is picked up, my manager and I have talked about a whole other approach to releasing a record that nobody has ever done before."

Pearcy told Noisecreep about "Sucker Punch", "What I wanted to do on this new material was get a real live feel to everything. So I've been tracking stuff in-between live appearances.

"I love the energy these new recordings have.

"I decided to release a sample single on iTunes called 'Don't Want to Talk About' to get input from my hardcore fans. So far the reaction has been great.

"It's going to be a brutally honest record and I think my fans want that from me at this point."

Pearcy is currently on the road as part of the "Metal In America" tour. The singer's touring band includes an impressive pedigree of rock alumni consisting of drummer Greg D'Angelo (ex-WHITE LION), guitarist Greg Walls (ex-ANTHRAX), bassist Mike Duda (W.A.S.P.) and guitarist Erik Ferentinos (ANTIDIVISION; signed to Pearcy's Top Fuel Records).

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