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16 de nov. de 2011

Traduza\\ BRING ME THE HORIZON Guitarist: 'None Of Us Really Listens To Metal Anymore'

Niclas Müller-Hansen of Sweden's Metalshrine conducted an interview with guitarist Lee Malia and drummer Matt Nicholls of the British metalcore act BRING ME THE HORIZON when the band played in Stockholm with MACHINE HEAD on November 3. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Metalshrine: When you write songs, do you write during a certain period of time or do you constantly come up with stuff?

Lee: Since we tour so much, we can't really write when we're touring, and we're away all the time, so last time we had three months off just to write a CD. We got off tour and went straight into writing and just wrote for three months and then recorded the CD. Usually we work like that, but the coming CD is different. After this tour, we've got nothing planned so we'll start writing in February or something. We'll have a few months to do nothing, because we've been touring pretty full on the last year. There's time to just be chillin' and come February we need to get back into it and start writing.

Metalshrine: Going into the studio recording, do you end up with stuff you don't use?

Lee: No, we only ever get what we need because we have that little amount of time to write and we just get an album's worth.

Matt: We don't write four songs at a time, we write bit by bit, so if something's a bit shit… we'll write one part that's good and then write one part and if it's not good we'll scrap that part, so it's not like we're scrapping full songs. I mean, we have scrapped full songs before, but that's usually how we write, bit by bit.

Lee: We don't really have anything left over.

Metalshrine: Later on, could you see yourselves do something that is completely different from what you do now?

Lee: Definitely! As we get older… None of us really listens to metal anymore. Everyone's into way different stuff, which helps us write. I don't know, as you get older you don't really wanna be jumping about on stage. (laughs)

Matt: We're surrounded by metal music every day on tour, so the last thing we wanna do is go and sit down and listen to a metal CD.

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