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2 de out de 2010

MEDA \\ ZAKK WYLDE Released From Hospital

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY mainman Zakk Wylde has been released from a Nebraska hospital after receiving treatment for a blood-clotting condition in his leg.

Last night's (Thursday, September 30) BLACK LABEL SOCIETY concert at the Anchor Inn in Omaha, Nebraska and tonight's gig at in Clive, Iowa, have been called off, but the group plans on completing the rest of its current "Black Label Berzerkus" tour, according to BLACK LABEL SOCIETY's publicist.

In a series of messages on his Twitter profile, Zakk wrote about his latest trip to the hospital (edited for clarity), "[I] hung out with the Omaha chapter meet-and-greet [Thursday afternoon] and felt pain in my left thigh. [I] went to [the emergency room] to be on the safe side and [they] told me I had a 12-inch clot from my calf to thigh. That was around 5:00 [p.m.]. [They] did blood work on me and told me my blood was not [in the] therapeutic [range]. Obviously I NEVER CANCEL GIGS so I wanted to do the gig. The doctors said the problem was chances were even higher for the clot going into my lungs/heart/brain and to stay overnight and jack me up with blood thinners and get my blood [up to the] therapeutic [range] like I was previously on the Coumadin. So now it's two shots a day and Coumadin. Soon the shots will be gone, but [I will have to take] the oral [medications] for the rest of my days. No big deal — just something else to take along with the crack cocaine lite, meth, Viagra, Cialis, steroids, growth hormone, MET-RX, morning-after pill, hair and nail, Joint Fuel, Flintstones chewables [and] Paxil."

Comentários: Pior do que usar todas estas drogas é sair publicando o nome de cada uma delas no twitter pra todo mundo ver.
E esta foto deprimente? Não é a toa que Sharon e Ozzy mandaram Zakk seguir a vida.

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