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19 de mai. de 2011

Traduza\\ Trivium have advice for Metallica

Trivium have some words of wisdom for Metallica. If I were Lars, I'd listen. These guys have obviously studied and reproduced Metallica's sound time and time again, so they know their shit.

"I checked [Death Magnetic] out. It was better than 'St. Anger.' I think they did a really good job of getting back to what made them Metallica in the first place, and I just wish they would get someone like Colin [Richardson] or Andy Sneap to mix the shit out of those records. 'Cause ['Death Magnetic'] and the new Slayer album ['World Painted Blood'], if they had the production quality of, say, the new Megadeth and Exodus albums, they'd be brutal as shit. I think there's good songwriting, but if you [combine] cool songs with killer, modern production, it really adds to the listening experience..." said Corey Beaulieu (not pictured above)

Hopefully the production quality on the next [Metallica album] and they just deliver something that is sonically crushing like the 'black' album was; [that record] was ahead of its time as far as album production for a metal CD. So hopefully they do that."

Leaving jokes aside, they do have a point. Why make albums if you're gonna make the sound like shit? Or lemme put it this way... Why go through all the trouble of recording music if you're not go all the way and present them in perfect quality?

Hopefully they've learned their lesson and the waveforms of the new songs won't look like fucking bricks.

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