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29 de jul. de 2010

Traduza\\ EVERY TIME I DIE: Second 'S**t Happens' Episode Posted Online

Buffalo, New York's EVERY TIME I DIE have posted a second weekly episode of "Shit Happens: The Series?" at www.vans.com/ETID. In this episode, the band comes up with creative ways to fix its trailer, and even more creative ways to use hot sauce!

"Shit Happens: The Series?" finds EVERY TIME I DIE once again teaming up with Space Monkey Studios.

Fans should expect even longer, funnier episodes to be included on the DVD, set for release this October.

Over the next 12 weeks, EVERY TIME I DIE will unveil episodes that are packed to the gills with impromptu footage showcasing the band's signature brand of humor that has made them infamous amongst their fans and peers alike. This is by no means a scripted reality show containing foreseeable plot twists and over-dramatic story arches. Nor is this your typical live band DVD that focuses on the tedium of tracking a record or the self-congratulatory tales of what inspired their lyrics. Instead, "The Series?" focuses on what it is exactly that drives five individuals from similar backgrounds to forfeit family and friends and take to the road year after year for the sake of their craft. Whether you're a fan of music or simply an admirer of the nomadic spirit that resides in all of us, "Sh*t Happens: The Series?" will make you feel at home.

"We never set out to be funny on camera," says guitarist Jordan Buckley. "We set out to make good music and make people come to our shows. This is like a spinoff. This is the 'Empty Nest' to our 'Golden Girls'."

"This isn't like a concert," adds bassist Josh Newton. "It's us being idiots."

Catch EVERY TIME I DIE on the main stage at Vans Warped Tour all summer long and pick up "New Junk Aesthetic" on Epitaph Records.

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