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22 de jul. de 2010

SEFOTEU \\ Drugs Reportedly Found On BRET MICHAELS' Tour Buses

According to the Los Angeles Times, marijuana and unidentified controlled substances were found on two of POISON singer Bret Michaels' tour buses by police Wednesday night in Indiana.

The buses were pulled over near Ashley, Indiana for a problem with lights on one of the buses, police said. A K-9 team got positive results on walk-throughs of both buses, and the drugs were found in subsequent searches. Michaels was not on the bus where police say they found controlled substances.

Bret's representative released the following statement to TMZ.com regarding the incident:

"Two of Bret's tour buses were pulled over late last night. Officers on the scene claimed there were no trailer tag lights. No arrests were made. Mr. Michaels allowed an open search of the buses and everything was handled in a professional manner."

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