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21 de jan. de 2010

We are all on drugs \\ PHILIP ANSELMO Says Smoking Pot Helps Him Deal With Severe Nerve Damage In His Leg

DOWN frontman Philip Anselmo has confirmed to U.K.'s Metal Hammer magazine that the group is currently working on a new album for a summer release. In addition, he has been working with "a shitload of bands" for his Housecore record label, including RED RIVER REVIVAL, EVIL ARMY, haarp (all lower case) and WARBEAST.

"I've been in the studio with this dirty rock band, kinda very much like AC/DC-influenced rock band called RED RIVER REVIVAL," he said. "I just got out of the studio with the mighty haarp — that's all in lower-case letters. They are fucking brutal and slow. They're more different than anything else out there; so fucking different — these fuckers are outrageous. They're from New Orleans, and they're probably the best local band for a long time... since the '90s. We've got EVIL ARMY, haarp and WARBEAST from Texas — that's Bruce from RIGOR MORTIS's band. He's the singer from RIGOR MORTIS. It's fucking brutal. It's true thrash. So well-executed, double-guitar brutality. I'm going to mix the new ARSON ANTHEM next week, which is fucking outrageous as well. It's never-ending, man."

On March 16, 2009, Anselmo spoke passionately and candidly about his music career and his history with — and the dangers of — drugs, particularly heroin, during an appearance at the Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana. When asked whether he was sober, he explained that "sober" is a "harsh" word.

"A sober person is absolutely clean of anything that is considered legally wrong or illegal," Anselmo clarified to Metal Hammer. "I smoke pot, man. Matter of fact, since my back surgery I have severe nerve damage down my left leg, and I find that marijuana actually helps that very much. I'm not saying it's completely medicinal, but it doesn't hurt that it fucking helps! I might have a few beers too, mostly on Sundays during games or if there's a big fight, but I will remind you... after three beers, if I don't take some asprin in the morning I'm going to wake up with the worst fucking hangover. So that's my half sober."

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