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27 de jul. de 2009

Traduza\\ KISS Performs Unmasked Without PAUL STANLEY

According to Kiss On Fire, KISS members Gene Simmons (bass, vocals), Tommy Thayer (guitar) and Eric Singer (drums) played the band's classic song "Deuce" at this year's San Diego Comic-Con International on Saturday, July 25 at the Hard Rock Cafe. This marked the first time KISS (minus guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley) performed unmasked since 1995.

Watch video footage of the appearance below.

KISS is tentatively scheduled to release its new album in early October. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Russian Roulette", "Modern Day Delilah" and "Stand".

Thayer wrote and sang his first song on the album, while Singer also got his first opportunity to sing a lead vocal on an original song.

Simmons recently told The Canadian Press that there were no outside writers working on the Paul Stanley-produced disc. He also described the album's sound as "no strings, no keyboards, no synths, no tambourines, no nothing — just meat and potatoes."

Simmons confirmed that a deal is in the works with Wal-Mart that will result in an "entire section" of the giant retailer's stores across the country (apparently dubbed "Kiss Korner") being dedicated to KISS.

There has been no official announcement of a KISS deal with Wal-Mart for the band's next CD, although artists such as THE EAGLES and AC/DC have both issued recent albums exclusively through the giant retailer. In addition, AEROSMITH guitarist Joe Perry may have inadvertently let it slip that the band's next studio album will come out exclusively through Wal-Mart.


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